Species-rich meadows and pastures are now very rare in the county due to more intensified agriculture and the loss of the land to development. Dry meadows and pastures are found on limestone and chalk outcrops, the Brecks and on neutral soils in the county. Many of the remaining grasslands of wildlife interest are now found on road verges and dis-used railways.

Such habitats are very difficult to re-create and great efforts are needed to conserve the remaining sites using appropriate management. There is some scope for the creation of dry grassland habitats of wildlife value particularly on the limestone and on former quarry sites and the possibility for creating species-rich grasslands using wild flower seed mixes.

The Wildlife Trust has set up a project called Cut and Chew, which aims to promote good management of grassland and to provide grassland owners and managers with information and links with local graziers and other contractors.


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