Traditional Orchard Group

From 2006 to 2009 we ran a Phase 2 survey to assess the biodiversity value of all identified traditional orchards in Cambridgeshire. This work is built on a Phase 1 survey carried out in 2005.

A selection of orchards have now been surveyed in a Phase 3 survey, looking at mosses, birds and butterflies on individual orchard sites. These specialist surveys were funded through Countdown 2010. All of the survey reports are available in the Library section.

The traditional Orchard Group is also keen to communicate the value of traditional orchards to planners to better protect the remaining orchard resource and to encourage new plantings. To promote this within Local Authorities a guidance leaflet was produced in August 2007 , see Library section/Partnership Publications.

The web-based Cambridgeshire Orchard Fruit Guide encourages members of the public to find out where to get locally grown orchard fruit, either at farmers’ markets, roadside stalls, farmshops or by joining community orchard projects.

Contact for any queries to the Traditional Orchards Group: Sarah McConnachie-Kessel,

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