House and garden

Your house and garden.

There are lots of useful web sites with tips for your garden. Many things that are good for wildlife are also good for humans. Growing aromatic herbs makes your garden attractive for bumblebees and other insects and will also enrich your cooking. Fruit bushes and trees will provide you with healthy food while also providing a home for wildlife. Support local varieties when planting a fruit tree by sourcing your tree from the East of England Apples and Orchard Project, and have a look at the information about Traditional Orchards regarding fruit trees and biodiversity.

 Here are some Wildlife Gardening tips:

  • Leave some areas scruffy
  • Leave some areas of grass long
  • Think three dimensional and include shrubs, trees and climbers
  • Log piles can provide good habitat, as can compost areas
  • If your garden is surrounded by fences, make a hedgehog pass by cutting a hole in the bottom of the fence
  • Dig a pond – this will increase the wildlife value of your garden hugely

 Links to Wildlife Gardening information

* The Wildlife Trusts’ National Wildlife Gardening website

* The RSPB’s A-Z for a wildlife garden,

* Froglife’s Just Add Water information, booklet and web site, with tips how to build a safe pond in the smallest of spaces,

* for tips how to garden with bugs and insects in mind,

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