Partnership projects and groups

The Biodiversity Partnership carried out a range of projects to achieve targetsĀ  set out in the Biodiversity Action Plans, and continously develops new projects to protect and enhance biodiversity.

We are currently starting work on an Opportunity Mapping project for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, which will look at the existing habitats across the area and identify places where more habitat could be created.

The partnership previously offered a grant to local projects that delivered biodiversity action. Lots of examples of projects we funded are available in the Library section, where an analysis of the grant scheme is also available under Partnership reports.

Amongst the publications which the partnership has produced are Biodiversity Checklists for planners, developers and householders, a Biodiversity Vision map, Orchard Survey reports, a Farmers’ Biodiversity Pack, a willow pollarding leaflet and a report “Our Natural Environment 2010”. They can be found in the Library section/Partnership reports and publications.

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